Below is a list of frequently asked questions.

I registered but did not get a confirmation email (or can't find it).
How do I update my personal information on my completed registration? (i.e. spelling, address/name change, etc.)
I have tried multiple times to register but can never get to the payment screen. Help!
Where can I find my confirmation code?
Where do I find race-day information?
How do I confirm that I am registered?
I registered and paid my entry fee but now I'm unable to participate.
How do I defer my entry?
How do I transfer my entry?
I received a transfer code that I want to use. What is the process?
My event offers two (or more) race distance options. Can I change races?
How do I create a team?
I am the team captain. How can I see who has joined my team?
I am the team captain. How do I add a person to my team who is already registered as an individual?
I already registered as an individual. Can I be added to a team?
My friend created a team for an event. How do I join?
How can I tell if I am on a team?
I registered as an Individual but now want to create a team with other runners. How do I do that?
I created a team and registered myself as the captain, but my team name does not appear on the drop-down (or when I type in the name, it says the team is already full).