ARE Event Productions and ZippyReg

Personal Data Transfers and Switches Payments Cancellation Policy

Personal Data

Data we collect about you during the registration process is exclusively provided to the owner of the event for which you are registering. We do not sell, share, nor distribute the data beyond providing it to the owner of the event. By registering for an event on our platform, you are opting in to potentially receive marketing emails advertising events. Any such email sent by our system has an unsubscribe link at the bottom which will permanently remove you from receiving further marketing emails.

Race Transfers and Switches

Some events allow for the transferring of your registration to another person while others do not.
Some events also allow for you to change which race you are running at an event with multiple race distances, while others do not.

For those that do not, it is not allowed to do so.

For those that do, please note that there is typically a deadline by which such changes must be made.
Those changes are to be made online via via your confirmation code/page.

Please note that the allowance of this and adherence to this policy is of great importance. From both an event supplies standpoint (ie. the level to which aid stations are stocked) to responding to medical emergencies, it is imperative that you understand why this policy exists and respect it fully.

Penalties for not adhering to this policy are up to the event; in some cases an event will permanently ban an individual from future participation for violation of this policy.


Your Credit Card statement will reflect a NON-REFUNDABLE charge to ZIPPYREG*1.

1Many events will also have an abbreviation of their event name appended to ZIPPYREG*

There are no refunds2. This includes if an event is canceled due to an "Act of God" (extreme weather such as a hurricane, tornado, storm, fire, etc.) or you have a personal matter arise that objectively is of much more importance/gravity than you attending/participating in the event. There are no exceptions.

2If the event you are registering for offers registration insurance and you purchase it at the time you register for the event, then your ability to get a refund is subject to the terms of that registration insurance.

Multiple "accidental" payments are not refunded.

If you file a chargeback request with your credit card company and are reimbursed, your registration is void.
If we are assessed a penalty fee for this, you agree to fully reimburse us for this penalty.

If the event offers a discount code or other method of discount, you must use it at the time of registration.
We do not refund the difference for any type of discount that goes unapplied when you register.

The amount you will pay is clearly indicated before your payment is processed; if it is not the amount you believe it should be, do not pay - contact the event or start over.


There is no "raindate" for events owned and directed by ARE Event Productions. They are held rain, shine, snow. In the case of significantly inclement weather, we reserve the right to alter components of the event or course to address safety concerns, or potentially cancel the event. In addition, it is possible that while we desire not to cancel the event, our facility and/or municipalities may force the cancellation of the event.

In such situations, there will be No Refunds of entry fees. Each athlete must accept any such risk of their entry fee. Monies collected have already been used to develop and produce the event. We promise to make every effort to produce a fair, safe and exciting event.

Any decision made to go forth with the event is contingent on the overall event and course safety, and is made in concert with local risk management, police, fire & rescue, and medical personnel as appropriate.

Please note that we are aware sometimes unfortunate situations arise. Our policy, however, does not grant exceptions.