Greenfield Dragonfire 5K
Saturday, October 14, 2023

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Registrant Listing

BIB Name [Team] Age/Gender City, State Race
9439 Vincent Acevedo 44/MGreenfield Center, NY 5k
9440 Jeremy Annese 48/MSaratoga Springs, NY 5k
9441 Maryellen Annese 39/FSaratoga Springs, NY 5k
9442 Cienna Briscoe 11/FGreenfield Center, NY 5k
9443 Kate Britton 45/FGreenfield Center, NY 5k
9444 Kelly Christy 44/FGreenfield Center, NY 5k
9445 Christina Clark 40/FGreenfield Center, NY 5k
9446 Tina Davis 51/FSaratoga Springs, NY 5k
9447 Laurie Dawes 51/FBallston Spa, NY 5k
9497 Logan Deconno 11/MGansevoort, NY 5k
9498 Reid Dragoon 10/MGreenfield Center, NY 5k
9448 Andrea Dycha 31/FSaratoga Springs, NY 5k
9499 Demars Elizabeth 47/FBallston Spa, NY 5k
9500 Vince Fiori 57/MHalfmoon, NY 5k
9449 Kathleen Flynn 35/FMiddle Grove, NY 5k
9450 Laura Foehser 47/FSaratoga Springs, NY 5k
9451 Meghan Fredrick 38/FClifton Park, NY 5k
9452 Lukas Gaschel 7/MGreenfield Center, NY 5k
9453 Matthew Gaschel 38/MGreenfield Center, NY 5k
9454 Mary Grueniger 70/FSaratoga Springs, NY 5k
9455 Tina Hargett 57/FMiddle Grove, NY 5k
9456 Kenneth Hausam 50/MMiddle Grove, NY 5k
9457 Sandra Hermans 45/FGreenfield Center, NY 5k
9458 Christine Hernandez 38/FSaratoga Springs, NY 5k
9459 Miles Horton 11/MGreenfield Center, NY 5k
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