Sunday, June 4, 2023

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BIB Name [Team] City, State Race
10136 Renee Abdou-Malta Saratoga Springs, NY 5k
Carter Alessi Clifton Park, NY Kids Run
10137 Katie Alessi Clifton Park, NY 5k
10138 Ryan Bahil Ballston Spa, NY 5k
10139 Kelly Bailey Schenectady, MS 5k
Owen Bailey Schenectady, NY Kids Run
10140 Nicholas Baisley Stillwater, NY 5k
James Belden Clifton Park, NY Kids Run
10141 Madeline Belden Clifton Park, NY 5k
William Belden Clifton Park, NY Kids Run
10142 Mike Bloss Ballston Lake, NY 3k Walk
10143 Pat Bloss Ballston Lake, NY 3k Walk
10144 Nicole BONNEY Troy, NY 5k
10145 Allison Brown Stillwater, NY 3k Walk
Evan Brown Stillwater, NY Kids Run
10146 Francesca Brown Clifton Park, NY 3k Walk
10147 Tim Callander Andover, MA 5k
10148 Tucker Callander Rexford, NY 5k
10149 Katie Campbell Ballston Lake, NY 5k
10150 Elvin Cardenales Saratoga Springs, NY 5k
10151 Jyllian Carota Rexford, NY 5k
10152 Mark Carota Rexford, NY 5k
10153 Liz Carr Rexford, NY 5k
10154 Rich Carr Rexford, NY 5k
10155 Angelo Caruso Clifton Park, NY 3k Walk
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