Middlebury Maple Run - The Sweetest Half
Sunday, October 2, 2022

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BIB Name [Team] City, State Race
5628 Caroline Andrews Cambridge, MA 13.1m Student
Virginia Andrews Somerville, MA Pancake Breakfast Only - Not a race participant
5629 John Antonelli Sand Springs, OK 3m Fun Run Adult
5630 Keith Arsenault Cromwell, CT 13.1m Adult
5631 Alejandro Avellaneda Albany, NY 13.1m Adult
5632 Chris Bautista Dallas, TX 13.1m Adult
5633 Cory Beard Middlesex, VT 13.1m Adult
5634 Cary Beckwith Middlebury, VT 13.1m Adult
5635 Nick Benjamin Middlebury, VT 13.1m Adult
5636 Karen Benway Williston, VT 13.1m Adult
5617 Hunter Berryhill [Kimamberry] Middlebury, VT 13.1m Relay - Adult
5624 Ruby Bertron [Team Ice Cream] Burlington, VT 13.1m Join a student relay team
5637 Will Betts Evergreen, CO 13.1m Adult
5638 Joanne Brown White River Jct, VT 13.1m Adult
5639 Kathryn Burke Astoria, NY 13.1m Adult
5640 Kelly Burns Gallagher West Chesterfield, NH 13.1m Adult
5641 Thomas Candon Norwich, VT 13.1m Adult
5642 Sibel Canlar New York, NY 13.1m Adult
5643 Zoe Cartwright Bethel, VT 13.1m Adult
5644 Marybeth Caseiro E. Middlebury, VT 13.1m Adult
5645 Rocco Ceci Leicester, VT 13.1m Adult
5646 Mae Chalmers Landgrove, VT 13.1m Student
5647 Julia Chant Cornwall, VT 13.1m Adult
5648 Fiona Chisholm Natick, MA 13.1m Adult
5649 Tricia Cole Ferrisburgh, VT 13.1m Adult
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